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My first neurofeedback session, aka "Brain Training", was great yesterday! I was SO RELAXED when I finished the 35 minute session. Not one worry or care in the world crossed my mind. My brain was not racing like it normally does – it’s very calming. Plus, I slept much better last night too – not perfect sleep, but it was definitely an improvement. Yep, I’m definitely going back for more brain training.
Kellie K., Apex, NC


 I met Frederique Beaufils a little over a year ago by chance and her neurofeedback sessions were just what I needed at the time.  Going into the shorter days of winter, I can sometimes experience some anxiety and depression. I felt a difference in my mood and the tightness in my chest loosen from my first visit with her. Having benefited from neurofeedback in the past, I was very happy to have found Frederique! She is always professional, responds quickly and compassionately when I want to make an appt, checks in with me and listens to my concerns and questions, and is patient and kind in all aspects of our sessions. I highly recommend her and neurofeedback if you have anxiety or depression, and I understand that it can be helpful for a multitude of other issues as well.
Jennifer E., Cary, NC 


For many years, I would wake up every night around 1am and feel wide awake. I would read for about 2 hours before I could get back to sleep. Since my first session, I have been sleeping like a baby. No more reading at odd hours, I just sleep through the night.
Judith W., Durham, NC


 Neurofeedback was recommended to me at a particularly difficult time in my life: I was going through a terrible divorce and custody battle and had just received a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Plagued also with depression and anxiety my whole life, I was willing to try ANYTHING that would alleviate the pain and help with the stress of my situation. Neurofeedback offered me a greater relaxation and balancing experience than my daily meditations ever did. I literally felt as though my brain had received a massage. Paired with Frederique's tremendously compassionate and understanding nature, the 14 sessions of therapy I received gave me solid ground to stand on, and a lasting sense of calm. I am so grateful that I did the therapy, and would recommend it to everyone.

Jocelyn L., Efland, NC 


This year in school has been a lot easier for me. I am able to keep up with my assignments and stay focused in class. My parents have noticed a big difference too!
Ben, 15-year old, Carrboro, NC

 Frederique Beaufils is professional and easy for young people and adults to feel at ease working with biofeedback. The process is painless and results were noted quite quickly. Our 15 year old had more focus, was attentive to homework, and had a positive feeling after the sessions.

Mary C., Cary, NC


 I was very impressed with the NeurOptimal® system. My 8-year old son, Jak, had 12 sessions after experiencing anxiety and shyness. The problem was so severe at school that Jak, now in the second grade, lost his appetite in the lunchroom because it was so loud and intimidating for him. Today, he is less anxious, finds it easier to participate in class and is no longer bothered by the cafeteria experience. I am a nurse and I was so impressed by neurofeedback training that I am now having sessions myself. 

Clare K., Cary, NC  


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